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Formimi Fillestar

Formimi fillestar i kandidatëve për magjistratë përfshin një periudhë tre vjecare që përbëhet nga:...

Formimi i Vazhduar

Në kuadër të përmbushjes së misionit të saj Shkolla e Magjistraturës ofron formimin e ...

Aktiviteti i fundit

Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës ...

Notification for application for external lecturer

The School of Magistrates is in the process of the composition of the thematic program for the academic year 2017-2018.
Intending to complete the expertise in the Program of the Initial Formation and in the Program of the Continuous Formation, are invited all candidates, who desire to be involved as trainers/experts, and external lecturers of the School, to present their request and the supporting documents close to the School of Magistrates. For facility of analysis and intending the elimination of post costs, requests will be sent within the date of July 21st 2017 in the electronic address info@magjistratura.edu.al.
The necessary documents for application, as well as the procedure for their selection is found in the Internal Regulation of the School of Magistrates, as well as in the Annex 11, part of it. 
Thank you for the support and understanding.