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Formimi Fillestar

Formimi fillestar i kandidatëve për magjistratë përfshin një periudhë tre vjecare që përbëhet nga:...

Formimi i Vazhduar

Në kuadër të përmbushjes së misionit të saj Shkolla e Magjistraturës ofron formimin e ...

Aktiviteti i fundit

Aktiviteti i fundit i Shkollës së Magjistraturës ...

Workshop with Chancellors – Court Administration as a Profession

School of Magistrates, with the support of the USAID project – Justice for All, organizes a workshop with the chancellors of all courts of first and second levels, to discuss the new requests and competences related to their role in the context of the legal reform package and the relevant laws on the organization of courts and the effective court administration.
In addition, this workshop aims at providing a general overview on the training program (initial and continuous) as a legal obligation for Chancellors. This program will be drafted and implemented by the School of Magistates, in cooperation with the High Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice.
The best understanding by the chancellors of a transparent, fair, efficient and modern judicial system is essential to guarantee an effective judicial system. The only way to achieve this objektive is by havinë well-trained judicial civil servants, who are ready to cooperate and kontribute in consolidating the judicial system in Albania and this should start with chancellors.