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TRAINING SESSION 26-28 October 2017

In cooperation with Kosovo Justice Academy and UNDP, the School of Magistrates organizes a training session on the "Exchange of Experiences between Kosovo and Albania in application of ECHR and the Judicial Guarantees in Protection against Discrimination". This activity is planned to take place in 26-28 October with judges and prosecutors from Kosovo and Albania.
During the training sessions, various topics of interest to the participants were addressed such as:
-          Domestic legal framework and judicial practice regarding equality and non-discrimination in Albania. Reference methodology in ECtHR case law.
-          Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Kosovo: Constitutional guarantees and judicial practice.
-          Implementation of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights with special emphasis on the Republic of Kosovo.
-          Discrimination in the field of labor relations. Albanian court practice and the problems identified, etc.