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Notification for the competition in the School of Magistrates, academic year 2016-2017- Date August 30th 2016

According to the notification done into the internet page of the School of Magistrates, from August 1st 2016 has started the procedure of the registration of candidates for the competition which belongs to the academic year 2016-2017.

In August 30th, the Parliament of Albania has approved the law “On the transitory reevaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”. According to the article 68, point 2 of this law is charged the School of Magistrates to organize an out of order competition for the acceptance of 25 candidates for magistrate (divided in judges and prosecutors), for the academic year 2016-2017.

Because of this new regulation envisaged by the just approved law, but even to be pre-prepared the School of Magistrates on the effects which will be created by the application of this law, after its coming into force and with the intention of the correct organization of the process of the competition, which will be done on September 1st, at 11.
For the sentences which will be taken by the Directive Council of the School of Magistrates in relation to the procedure of the competition will be notified immediately all the interested ones, along with the notification in the official page of the School of Magistrates.