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Notification for application: For the selection of the judge of Albania in the European Court of Human Rights – November 3rd 2016

On the selection of the judge of Albania in the European Court of Human Rights.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, votes within the month of April 2017, the candidate for the new judge of Albania in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The Council of Europe invites the Albanian government to present within the date of March 20th 2017, the list of proposals for three appropriate candidates for this position.
This notification for application is based on the Guide of the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe CM (2012) 40-add), date 29.3.2012. The mandate of the judge is for a period of 9(nine) months and ends after the completion of this deadline or when he/she becomes 70 years old. Candidates if are elected, might be able to hold this duty for at least half of the nine-year mandate, before becoming 70 years old.
The Applicant might meet these criteria:
-          To be an Albanian citizen;
-          To have high judicial education;
-          To have at least 15 years of work experience as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, professor, or lecturer of the right, clerk of the high level in public administration, of well known activity into the field of the law, especially into the field of human rights. Priority are going to have candidates with practical experience in the justice system;
-          Not to have held political functions in the public administration or directing positions in a political party during the last 10 years before candidating;
-          To have a high moral character in accordance with point 1, of article 21, of the European Convention on Human Rights.
-          To know one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French) as well as at least to have basic knowledge of the other language. The knowledge of both official languages of the Council of Europe will be considered priority.
Documents which might be handled are: 
-          Request for application;
-          Copy of the identity card;
-          CV in the Albanian language and CV formatted according to the model in the following link, in one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French); http://assembly.coe.int/CommitteeDocs/2009/ModelCVEN.doc
-          Documents of graduation and of scientific qualifications;
-          Documents which certify the experience in profession;
-          Documents which certify recognition and knowledge of the official languages of the Council of Europe or of other foreign languages;
-          Self-declaration of being not sentenced/sentenced or for whom are not given security measures or sentence through non final verdict for the commitment of crimes, in accordance with the anticipations of the law no. 138/2015, “ On the guaranteeing of the integrity of persons who are elected, nominated or exercise public functions’, changed.
-          Self-declaration that private interests do not have illegal financial sources, concealment of property, false declarations or conflict of interest, in harmony with the anticipations of the law no. 9049, date 10.4.2003 “On the declaration and control of properties, of financial obligations of the elected ones and of some public clerks”, changed and the law no. 9367, date 7.4.2005 “On the prevention of the conflict of interests in the exercisement of public functions”, changed. 
(False declaration in spite of penal responsibilities according to the law causes the exclusion from each further procedure).
-          Other documents in the function of the accomplishment of other additional criteria.
After the evaluation of the file of application, candidates may be subjected to the interview, where a part of questions will be in one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French).
The deadline of the handling of the application: November 30rd  2016
Address: Kryeministria
Bulevardi”Dëshmorët e Kombit” nr.1.1000
Tirana – Albania
The office of the General Secretary
Tel: 04 22 77 401